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Of Scottish origin.

A masculine and feminine name.

From a surname deriving¬†from the word “caol”, of Gaelic origin, meaning channel, narrows.

Kyle ranks in the top 100 baby name in Ireland, Scotland and England.

Other feminine form of the name is Kyla.

Recently the name Kylie is also used as a feminine form of Kyle.

Variant forms of the name are: Ky, Kile, Kilen, Kiley.

Famous male bearers are Kyle MacLachlan, Kyle Chandler, Kyle Abraham, Kyle Gallner, Kyle Bartley, Kyle Larson, Kyle Lowry, Kyle Howard, Kyle Schmid, Kyle Petty, Kyle Eastwood.

Famous female bearer is Kyle Richards.

American actor Kyle Chandler became known from his roles in the TV series “Early Edition” and “Friday Night Lights”.

He was also a supporting actor in films, such as “Argo”, “Zero Dark Thirty”, “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “Carol”.