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Of uncertain origin.

A rather complicated “case” regarding origin and etymology, yet interesting and meaningful.

A thorough research produced the following, considering the name Lance:

It is associated with the Greek word «λόγχη» (lónkhē), meaning “spear”, “lance”.

Originally from the Proto-Indian-European element “plehk” which, through the ancient Celtiberian language, was turned into the Latin “lancea”, of the same meaning “spear”, “lance”.

Another possible origin is the Germanic name Lanzo.

This was a short form of several ancient names associated with the Germanic element “land”, meaning “land”.

Lance is also used as a diminutive form of the name Lancelot.

Other forms of the name are Lanny, Lancel, Lanz, Lanzo, Lando, Lancy, Lantz.

The name’s popularity has been descending in the U.S.A. baby names’ popularity list for decades. It was ranked #76 in 1970 and #617 in 2016.

Famous bearers are Lance Henriksen, Lance Reddick, Lance Armstrong, Lance Gross, Lance Parker, Lance Bass, Lance Ball, Lance Briggs, Lance Silber, Lance Mountain.