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Of Greek origin.

Short form of the names Larisa and Larunda.

1) Diminutive of the Russian name Larisa and Larissa.

For more info see also the names Larissa and Larisa.

2) Diminutive of the name Larunda.

According to the Roman mythology, Larunda was a nymph of the water.

Larunda is a name of Greek origin. From the Greek word «λαλέω» (laléo), meaning “to talk”.

Larissa is also the name of a Greek town and it means “citadel”, “acropolis”.

Larissa is a name associated with astronomy. It’s the name of the fifth moon/satellite of planet Neptune.

Other forms of the name are Larra, Larina, Larisa, Larissa, Larysa.

Name’s popularity rankings: #4 in Switzerland (2013), #5 in Slovenia (2016), #11 in Croatia (2010), #12 in Portugal (2016), and #750 in the U.S.A. (2016).

Famous bearers are Lara Flynn Boyle, Lara Fabian, Lara Spencer, Lara Pulver, Lara Jean Marshall, Lara Dutta, Lara Bingle, Lara Cardella.