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Of Slavic origin.

László (also Laszlo or Lazlo) means “glorious ruler”.

It is the Hungarian form of the name Vladislav, which derives from two Slavic elements: “Vladeti”, meaning rule and “slava”, meaning glory.

It is associated with the name Leslie.

Alternative forms of the name are Laci, Ladislav, Vlado, Vladan.

Famous bearers are Laszlo Kovacs, László Szlávics, Laszlo Szabo.

Popular bearer is fictional. Paul Henreid portrayed Victor Laszlo, a fugitive and Czech Resistance leader, married to Ilsa Lund, portrayed by Ingrid Bergman, in the film “Casablanca”.

French-Belgian singer Victor Laszlo, born Sonia Dronier, took her stage name from Henreid’s character in the film.

Hungarian-American actor’s Peter Lorre real name was Laszlo. Another actor whose real name was László, was British-Hungarian Leslie Howard’s. His real name was László Steiner.

László is a popular name in Hungary.