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Of Arabic origin.

A variation of the name Leila, meaning “night” in Arabic.

The name is famous through the story of “Layla and Majnun” by Nizami Ganjavi.

The characters and their love story depicted in this 7th century Persian poem, was called “Romeo and Juliet of the East” by Lord Byron.

This love story also inspired the creation of the most famous song “Layla”, written by Eric Clapton and Jim Gordon, released by their then band “Derek and the Dominos” in 1970.

Other forms of the name are Leila, Leyla, Laila, Leilah.

Layla is ranked #27 in Scotland, #30 in Australia and the U.S.A., #33 in New Zealand.

Famous bearers are Layla Anna-Lee, Layla Alizada, Layla Rumi, Layla Moran.