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Of Greek origin.

From the Greek word “λέων” (leon), meaning “lion”.

It was Latinized into “Leo” and the two names are used in all the European languages.

By association with the word “lion”, Leon is also connected with the names Leonidas and Leonard.

Alternative forms of the name are Léon, León, Leo, Lionel, Levan, Leone, Lenny, Leons, Leonas, Leonard, Leonardo.

Female forms of the names are Leona, Leonie, Leone, Leola.

Leon is a popular name in Switzerland and ranked in the top 20 names in Croatia, Austria, and Norway.

Famous bearers are Leon Trotsky, Leon Russell, Léon Breitling, Leon Robinson, Leon Camier, Leon Durham, Leon Bridges, Leon Schuster, Leon Goretzka, Leon Larregui, etc.