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Of Greek origin.

Luke is the English form of the Greek name Λουκάς, Loukas, meaning “from Lucania”.

Lucania, “Λευκανία” (Leukania) in Greek, was a region in southern Italy, colonized by the Ancient Greeks.

Saint Luke, also Luke the Evangelist, is one of the four Evangelists. These were the authors of the canonical Gospels of Jesus Christ.

He was a physician and he is consider the patron saint of surgeons, artists, physicians and students.

The name became common in the Christian countries, mostly during the 12th century.

Alternative forms of the name are: Lucas, Luc, Lukas, Lucky, Luka.

Famous bearers are Luke Wilson, Luke Perry, Luke Pasqualino, Luke Bryan, Luke Benward, Luke Evans, Luke James, Luke Bracey, Luke Arnold.

Luke is a popular name in Ireland, Northern Ireland, United States, Canada, Scotland and New Zealand.

A very popular Luke is fictional cartoon character Lucky Luke, created by Maurice de Bevere, set in the American Old West.

Lucky Luke has been a huge success, translated in more than 20 languages and adapted for the movies, television and video games.