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March Baby Names

Here in “Baby names for” you will find more about names than in any other site built to provide baby names lists and ideas.

Precise, deep and yet condensed knowledge concerning names and the stories behind them.

March provides amazing inspiration for expecting parents who don’t just rely on the obvious.

March is the month that marks the beginning of spring or autumn.

According to the ancient Roman calendar, March, “Martius” in Latin, was the first month of the year.

The name March derived from the Roman god of war, Mars, associated with the ancient Greek god of war Ares.

In the eyes of the ancient Romans though, Mars was the god who represented war as a means to keep the peace. He was part of the “Capitoline Triad”, the archaic triad worshipped in Rome, along with Jupiter and Quirinus.

No wonder names inspired by or associated with this month are strongly connected with strength, excellence, and independence.

March’s birthstones are bloodstone and aquamarine.

These beautiful stones are part of numerous stories, traditions, and myths. For instance, the aquamarine was considered the treasure of the mermaids. Bloodstones would be carried by the Ancient Egyptians when going to the battle, for strength and protection.

These birthstones symbolise wisdom, focus, loyalty, and courage.

The birth flower of March is the Lent lily, known as the daffodil.

Same as the month, this flower is connected with the notions of rebirth and regard.

Our advice is that you read carefully, keep notes and extend your research before you decide on a name for your baby.

All the names carry within them symbolisms from history and mythology.

Research may alter the way you think about a name and change your approach.

Symbols carry within them ideas and qualities.

Values from the distant past that make humanity still blossoming. Symbols are not fantasies that vanish in the thin air. They connect us with brave hearts and witty spirits that helped make the world a better place.

Symbols, when appropriately used, and do not keep us stuck in narrow mindedness are our species treasures.

The names in our list are associated with March through meaning, famous birthdays or symbolism.

Take your time, trust your instinct and don’t worry too much. The right choice will present its self, maybe when you expect it the least.


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