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Of Latin origin.

From the Latin name Marcus, deriving from the Roman god Mars.

Sources mention a possible Etruscan origin, from the ancient name Marce.

Marco is also Italian for Mark.

It was a common name in Venice, Italy, during the Middle Ages.

Other forms of the name are Marcos, Marc, Marko, Marcas.

Famous bearers are Marco Polo, Marco Antonio Solis, Marco Bellocchio, Marco van Basten, Marco Fabian, Marco Melandri, Marco Hietala, Marco Leonardi.

Marco is a popular name in Italy.

Italian merchant and explorer Marco Polo traveled the “Silk Road” for 24 years and he became a confidant of Chinese ruler Kublai Khan.

His epic travels were unbelievable accomplishments in his time, so much that several of these stories were considered fairy tales.

It took a long time before he received the respect from scientists that authenticated his travels.