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Of Roman origin.

Derives from the masculine name Marinus. It was the name of an ancient Roman family.

Another origin of the name Marinus was the name Marius – also ancient Roman – or from the Latin word “marinus” which means “from the sea”.

Saint Marina Great Martyr, is celebrated by the Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Anglican Churches.

She was born in Antioch and is also known as Margaret the Virgin-Martyr and Margaret of Antioch.

In 494 she was declared “apocryphal” by Pope Gelasius. Devotion to her was revived in the West with the Crusades.

Variant and diminutives of the name are: Maren, Marine, Marijn, Marinella, Marinka, Marna, Rina, Marinka.

Famous bearers are Marina Erakovic, Marina Sirtis, Marina Zueva, Marina Abramovic, Marina Diamandis, Marina Ruy Barbosa.

Marina is a popular name in Spain, Greece and Croatia.