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Of Hebrew origin.

A feminine and masculine name.

Alternative form of the name Maria.

French diminutive of Marie.

From the Greek name “Μαρία”, Maria, deriving from the Hebrew name “Miryam”.

Other forms of the name are Marian, Marianne, Mariana, Manon, Maria, Mary, Marie, Miren, Maia, Mia, Marica, Mariska, MariazinhaMalia, Myriam, etc.

Famous female bearers are Marion Cotillard, Marion Jones, Marion Bartoli, Marion Raven, Marion Ross, Marion Ryan, Marion Ramsey, Marion Hänsel, Marion Josserand.

Famous male bearers are Marion Barber, Marion Motley, Marion Brown, Marion Silva Fernandes.

Marion is ranked #83 in Belgium and #132 in France.

American film actor John Wane, was born Marion Robert Morrison. John Wane was his professional name.

Marion Cotillard is a French actress, musician, singer, songwriter.

She was awarded with an Academy Award for her leading role in 2007 film “La môme”. She has also Golden Globe, BAFTA, César and European Film awards.

In the following short video you may watch Marion Cotillard perform “Take it all” from the 2009 film “Nine”.