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Marzena is a feminine name of Hebrew and Greek origin.

Most sources associate the name with Maria. We also found a reference of Marzena being a Polish form of the Italian name Marcella.

By the names’ connection with Maria and Myriam, Marzena is a symbolic name for all Christians since several characters of the New Testament bear this name, most importantly Mary the virgin mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

If associated with Marcella it’s connection goes back to Ancient Rome and the Roman families’ names, in this case, Marcellus, a masculine name that derived from Marcus, probably from the ancient Roman god Mars.

Other forms of the name are Maria, Mary, Mariska, Marietta, Marika, Marion, Mia, Mariazinha, Malia.

Famous bearers of the name are Marzena Godecki, Marzena Słupkowska, Marzena Wysocka, Marzena Broda.