Mason is a masculine name of French origin which lately became unisex.

It was originally used as a surname.

Not long ago,  parents from the United States started to give the name to baby girls as well.

Mason means “stoneworker”, “one who carves stone”, from the word “masoun”.

The name derived from the French “maçon”. The source of the word is considered the Frankish “makjo” or some other Germanic word elements related to “makhon”, meaning “to make”.

The name is popular in several countries. In 2017 it ranked #7 in the U.S.A., #8 in New Zealand, #16 in Canada, and #26 in the Netherlands.

Famous bearers of the name are Mason Greenwood, Mason Plumlee, Mason Bates, Mason D. Davis, Mason Raymond, Mason Adams, Mason Williams, Mason Jennings, Mason Cook, Mason Dye, Mason Gamble.