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A diminutive of the name Maria.

Maria derives from the Greek name “Μαρία”, originated from the Hebrew Miryam.

Other sources refer to Mia as a name that comes from the Egyptian word “myr”, meaning beloved.

It is also associated with the Slavic work “mila” that means dear.

Mia is mostly German, Dutch, Scandinavian and Greek diminutive of Maria.

In Italian Mia means mine.

There are also references to the Japanese kanji origin of the name Mia, meaning beautiful and wished for.

Other forms of the name are Maria, Mary, Marion, Marizinha, Marika, Marie, Malia, Maja, Moira, Mariska, Mariam, Marita, Marise, Miren.

Famous bearers are Mia Farrow, Mia Tyler, Mia Wasikowska, Mia Martini, Mia Hamm, Mía Maestro, Mia Michaels, Mia Rosing, Mia Zapata, Mia Murano.

Mia is a popular name in Switzerland, Australia, United States, Croatia, Ireland, Austria, England, New Zealand, Norway, and Scotland.

The rise of the name’s popularity in the United States was initially recorder after the wide success of the TV series Peyton Place in 1964.

Mia Farrow played the role of Allison McKenzie and thus is credited with the popularity of the name Mia.