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Of African or Latin origin.

Of unknown etymology.

Possibly from Latin verb “monere”, meaning to advice.

Sources mention association with the old Libyan god “Mon”.

Saint Augustine’s mother, born in Numidia, was named Monnica.

It is also connected with the Greek word “monos”, meaning alone.

As an English name it was used since the 18th century.

Other forms of the name are: Monique, Monika, Mona.

Famous bearers are Monica Bellucci, Monica Seles, Mónica Naranjo, Monica Vitti.

Italian actress Monica Bellucci became widely popular with her roles in the films “Malena”, “Brotherhood of the Wolf” and “Irréversible”, followed by “Matrix Reloaded”, “The Passion of the Christ”, etc.

She has been voted, several times by the top magazines in the world, amongst the most beautiful women of all time.