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Of several origins.

Depending on the origin it may be a feminine of a masculine name.

Of Norse origin.

Derives from the Old Norse “nanp”, meaning “brave” and “daring”.

According to a Norse legend, Nanna was a goddess associated with the god “Baldr”, who was the god of love, peace, forgiveness and justice.

Norse name Nanna is used as a feminine name.

Of Sumerian origin.

Sumerians were people who lived in the region of southern Mesopotamia and are considered the first urban civilization.

According to Sumerian mythology, Nanna was the god of the moon.

Sumerian name Nanna is used as masculine name.

Nanna is also used as a diminutive of the name Anna.

Other forms of the feminine name Nanna are Anna, Nancy, Annabella, Hannah, Hanna.