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Of Hebrew origin.

From the Hebrew name Natan, meaning “he gave” or “given”.

Sources mention the association with the name “Elnathan”, also of Hebrew origin, meaning “gift of God”.

In the Old Testament, Nathan is the name of one of King David’s sons and the name of a prophet.

Nathan may also be used as a short form for Nathaniel.

It the English speaking world, it was used, as a Christian first name, after the Protestant Reformation.

Other forms of the name are Nathon, Nate, Nat, Nathian, Nathyn.

Nathan is a popular name in France, Canada, Belgium, Ireland, Scotland, and Switzerland.

Famous bearers are Nathan Page, Nathan Lane, Starboy Nathan (born Nathan Abraham Lauren Fagan-Gayle), Nathan Karl Kress, Nathan Hindmarsch, Nathan Hawes, Nathan Sykes.

Nathan Lane is an acclaimed stage, film and television actor.

He has several award nominations, such as Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild, two Tony awards for Best Actor in a Musical, and Drama League Theater awards.

In 2008 he was inducted into the American Theatre Hall of Fame.

He is best known for his roles in the musical “The Producers”, and Mike Nichols’s film “The Birdcage”, as well as his TV roles in “Modern Family” and “The Good Wife”.