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Of Babylonian, Assyrian and Hebrew origin.

From the word “nukhu”, meaning “rest” or “repose”.

It may also derive from the Hebrew word “nahum”, meaning “to comfort”.

Feminine form of the name is also Noah.

Derived from the Hebrew name “No’ah”, meaning motion. In the Old Testament, Noah was the name of a daughter of Zelophehad.

According to the Old Testament, Noah was the builder of the Ark, which allowed him, his family and animals of all species to survive the great Flood.

As an English Christian name, it has been used since the Protestant Reformation and it was common among the “Puritans”.

Other forms of the name are: NoƩ (French, Spanish & Portuguese), Noe (Greek), Noach (Dutch), Noak (Swedish), Nuh (Arabic).

Famous bearers are: Noah Webster, Noah Wyle, Noah Taylor, Noah Baumbach, Noah Gordon, Noah Howard.

Noah is a very popular name in United States, Denmark, Belgium, Australia, Scotland, New Zealand, Norway, Canada, Netherlands, Ireland, England and Wales.

Noah Wyle is an American tv, films and theater actor.

He became widely known when he played the role of Dr. John Carter in the TV series “ER”.

In the following video you may watch a short interview to Graig Ferguson: