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Nolan is a masculine name of Irish origin.

Research results show that this was a surname, a newer form of the Irish “Ó Nualláin”, which meant “descendant of Nuallán”.

Most sources would refer to this surname’s meaning as “noble”, from the Irish “nuall”.

Other sources connect Nolan with the old family name “O’Huallachain”, meaning proud. Still, a further search in Irish dictionaries ended up empty concerning the meaning of the word “nuall”.

Nolan, via old Gaelic, could also mean “a chariot fighter”.

Nolan’s popularity rankings are #19 in France, #40 in Belgium, #46 in Canada.

In the U.S.A. the name’s popularity is slowly but continuously rising and reached #67 in 2017.

Famous bearers of the name are Nolan Arenado, Nolan Gould, Nolan Patrick, Nolan Ryan, Nolan Gerard Funk, Nolan Sotillo.