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Of Germanic origin.

From the Old High German name Odila.

Derives from the Germanic elements “odal”, meaning “inheritance” or “aud” and “auðr”, meaning “prosperity”, “fortune”, “riches”.

Saint Odilia of Alsace is considered the patroness saint of good eyesight.

She was the daughter of Etichon the Duke of Alsace. Her mother took her to Palma because her father didn’t want anything to do with the child due to the fact she was born blind. According to the legend, she gained her eyesight upon baptized by Saint Erhard of Regensburg, at the time a bishop.

Other forms of the name are Odelia, Odette, Oda, Ute, Odile, Odalis, Auda, etc.

Masculine forms of the name are Odo, Otto, Audo.