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Pablo is a masculine name of Latin origin.

It’s the Spanish form of the name Paul.

Paul derived from the Latin name “Paulus” which was a Roman surname of the Aemilian gens, one of the greatest patrician families of Ancient Rome.

Etymology is from the Proto-Indo European word element “pau”, meaning “little”, “few”.

Feminine forms of the name are Paula, Paola, Pauline.

Other forms of the name are Paul, Paolo, Pavlos, Pavel, Pavo.

Pablo was ranked #5 in Spain (2017), #45 in Chile (2015), and #112 in France (2017).

Famous bearers of the name are Pablo Picasso, Pablo Neruda, Pablo Aimar, Pablo Casals, Pablo Hernández Domínguez, Pablo Cuevas, Pablo Escobar.

The following video presents a short biography of Pablo Picasso, one of the greatest painters and prominent figures of the 20th century.