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Of Hebrew origin.

From the Hebrew word “פֶּסַח”, pronounced pesach, derived from the Aramaic word “pasḥā”, of the same pronunciation. It means “Passover” which is a Hebrew celebration.

Pascal is a Francophone masculine name.

It is a name with significant associations.

Both the Greek word «Πάσχα» (pron. pascha) and Latin “Pascha” mean “Easter”, the Christian celebration of Jesus’ resurrection.

Greek Christian tradition, as well as an Ancient Greek myth, render beautiful meaning to the name that comes with its connection to the plant «πασχαλιά» (pron. pashaliá), known as the lilac.

According to the Christian Greek tradition, this was the tree that offered its shade and protection to the Virgin Mary and Joseph at the time of their escape to Egypt in their effort to save little Jesus from King Herod.

Due to the lilac’s blossoming in April, usually around Easter’s celebration, the plant is associated with the concepts of awakening and renewal. Same goes for the name Pascal as well.

Feminine forms of the name are Pascale, Pascaline, Pasquelina, Paschelle.

Other forms of the name are Paschalis (Greek Πασχάλης), Pasquale, Pascual, Pasco, Pascoe.

Famous bearers are Pascal Bruckner, Pascal Comelade, Pascal Greggory, Pascal Dupuis, Pascal Martinot-Lagarde, Pascal Obispo, Pascal Siakam, Pascal Nouma, Pascal Duquenne, Pascal Cervo, Pascal Laugier, Pascal Ulli.