Of Latin origin.

Feminine form of the name Patrick, from the Latin “Patricius”, meaning “patrician”, “nobleman”.

Patricia was used as a given name, for the first time, in Scotland, during the 18th century. It is mostly used in English, Spanish and German.

It became a popular name in Britain, due to Queen Victoria’s granddaughter, Princess Patricia.

Other forms of the name are: Patty, Pat, Patsy, Patrice, Patrizia, Trisa, Patti, Tricia, Patrika, Trisha.

Famous bearers are Patricia T. Arquette, Patricia Lee “Patti” Smith, Patricia Highsmith, Patricia Bath, Patricia “Patty” Griffin, Patricia Heaton, Patricia Clarkson, Patricia Velasquez, Patricia Neal.

American novelist Patricia Highsmith, was known for her acclaimed psychological thrillers.

Many of her novels have been adapted for the movies, including “Strangers on a Train”, which was also adapted and directed for the big screen by Alfred Hitchcock.

She was also the author of the “Tom Ripley” series of novels, that have been adapted several times for the movies.

Her character Tom Ripley has been portrayed by actors such as Alain Delon, Ian Hart, John Malkovich, Matt Damon.