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Of Greek origin.

Peggy is a variant of the name Meggy, which was a diminutive of Margaret.

The name Margaret is originally from the Greek word “μαργαρίτης” (margarites), meaning “pearl”.

The Greek word was later translated into Latin “margarita”.

Other forms of the name are Peggie, Peg, Meggy, Meg, Marit, Rita.

Famous bearers are Peggy Lee, Peggy Ashcroft, Peggy Whitson, Peggy Fleming, Peggy Orenstein, Peggy Cass, Peggy Nesbitt, Peggy Lipton.

Peggy Lee was an American singer, songwriter, composer and actress.

She was one of the most prolific and captivating artists of her era. She wrote music for films and was one of the few artists of her time that managed to create conceptual albums that combined jazz, swing and pop music with poetry and art.

She was nominated for twelve Grammy Awards and received two: one, for Best Vocal Performance and one, in 1995, for Lifetime Achievement.