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Popular Baby Names for 2016

Expecting parents spend days and nights searching a beautiful name for their baby. In this article, we suggest 30 popular names. Some are simple some unfamiliar. Still, they all are attractive and meaningful too.

This is a wonderful period of your life and disputing about the baby’s name shouldn’t be ruining it for you.

The first thing expecting parents must do is find common ground with each other. A good start would be to make a list of your favourite names.

Then, try to imagine your baby as an adult with each one of the names you picked.

Narrowing down the names on that list may take some time, but it’s easier than you initially think.

Young boy popular styleFor instance, you will probably cross some names off the list when you’ll realize that you can’t bear some of the names’ shortened versions.

Though we are a couple of months away from the new year, there are some simple hints about the names that will be topping the lists of 2016.

Surprises may arise, but you’ve already got the names that were popular in the last couple of years and this is a good place to start.

We compiled our first list of boys and girls names for 2016 to help you filter the information that may be baffling you.

Take your time and enjoy these months before the coming of your little princess or prince.

This is the time to appreciate a unique closeness with your baby.

You may want to start a journal, that you’ll keep through the first year of your baby’s life and then keep it for them to read when they will enter adulthood.

Some of the names in this first list for 2016 are already very popular.

Others are slightly familiar but they escape most parents’ attention.

Lovely and meaningful, cute or strong, these are all beautiful names. It just takes your own personal feel to pick the perfect one for your amazing baby.

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