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Of English and Germanic origin.

It was used as an English nickname, deriving from the English word “queen”.

Derives from the Old English word “cwen”, meaning “woman”, “female ruler” or “wife”.

From the Proto-Germanic word “kwoeniz”, which delivered the Old Saxon word “quan”, meaning “wife”, the Norse word “kvaen” and the Gothic “quens”.

It is associated with the Greek “gynĂ©”, meaning “woman” and the Sanskrit “janis”, meaning “a woman”.

Diminutive form of the name is Queenie.

Famous bearer is Queen Latifah.

Queen Latifah is the stage name of American singer, songwriter Dana Elaine Owens.

She is a multi – talented artist, also an actress, rapper and producer. She is consider by experts of the music industry as one of Hip – Hop’s first ladies and she has numerous nominations for Academy, Golden Globe and MTV Awards.