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Of Hebrew origin.

From the name “Rakhél”, meaning “to journey as an ewe”.

In the Bible, Rachel was Jacob’s second wife, mother of Joseph and Benjamin.

It was used as a Christian name after the Protestant Reformation.

Variants of the name are: Rakel, Ray, Rae, Raquel, Raelyn, Rachele.

Famous bearers are Rachel Weisz, Rachel McAdams, Rachel Griffiths, Rachel Carson, Rachel Maddow, Rachel Ward, Rachel Bilson, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Rachel Nichols, Raquel Welch.

Film and stage actress Rachel Weisz started acting in 1992 and since then she earned both Academy and Golden Globe awards.

Some of the films she starred in are: The Mummy, About a Boy, The Constant Gardener, Confidence, Runaway Jury, The Fountain, The Brothers Bloom, Agora, Page Eight, The Whistleblower, The Lobster.