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Of Indian origin.

Raj means “king”, “prince” or “royalty” in Sanskrit.

Sanskrit was an ancient Indian-Iranian language, spoken mainly in India.

Raj may also be a Polish, Croatian or Serbian name. Means “heaven”, “paradise” in Polish, Croatian or Serbian.

Feminine form of the Indian name is Raja.

Famous bearers are Raj Kapoor, Raj Khosla, Raj Babbar, Raj Singh Kapora, Raj Ballav Koirala.

One famous bearer is also the fictional character Raj Koothrappali, portrayed by actor Kunal Nayyar, one of the protagonists in the American sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”.

Raj Kapoor was an Indian actor, producer and director.

He is known as “the greatest showman of Indian cinema” and his work continue to influence Bollywood film industry even today.