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Of Old Norse origin.

From the name Ráđulfr, a combination of the elements “ráđ”, meaning “advice”, “counsel”, and “ulfr”, meaning “wolf”.

The name was used by the Vikings and it was introduced in the English speaking world when the Normans crossed the English channel.

It was initially spelled Rafe and Ralf.

Other forms of the name are Raul, Ralphie, Ralf, Raoul.

Famous bearers are Ralph Lauren, Ralph Fiennes, Ralph Waite, Ralph Nader, Ralph Bellamy, Ralph Brown, Ralph Nacchio, Ralph Abernathy.

Fashion designer Ralph Lauren created an iconic fashion brand and an epitome of classic fashion.

He begun as a salesman and made his way up, initially as a ties designer and founded his first company “Polo Fashion” in 1967.

Nowadays the firm who embodies the American lifestyle at its best operates in more than 400 stores in more than 80 countries around the world.