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Of Germanic origin.

It’s a masculine and feminine name.

Short for Raymond or Rachel.

It is also an independent name meaning beam of light.

Alternative forms of the masculine name are: Ramón, Redmond, Raimo, Redmund.

Alternative forms of the feminine name are: Rae, Rachel, Raylene, Raelyn.

Famous male bearers are Ray Charles, Ray Liotta, Ray Parker Jr., Ray Manzarek, Ray Winstone, Ray Toro, Ray J, Ray Davies, Ray Milland, Ray Wise, Ray Lewis, Ray Chen, Ray Mala.

American singer and songwriter Ray Charles was a pioneer of soul music during the 1950’s.

Largely influenced by Nat King Cole, Charles combined in a unique way blues, soul and gospel and he was ranked in the Top 10 of the “100 Greatest Artists of All Time” by the Rolling Stone magazine.