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Of Germanic origin.

From the name Raginmund, meaning powerful protector.

Derives from the Germanic name elements “ragin”, meaning power, counsel and “mund” meaning protector.

The Normans introduced the name to England and it was popular during the Crusades.

It was also widely used as a surname.

Several French counts were named Raymond.

Alternative forms of the name are: Ray, Ramón, Redmond, Raimund, Raymundo, Raymund, Raimo.

Famous bearers are Raymond Chandler, Raymond Felton, Raymond Berry Oakley III, Raymond Cruz, Raymond Aron, Raymond Burr, Raymond Carver, Raymond J. Barry.

Novelist and screenwriter Raymond Chandler is considered one of the most influential detective fiction writers.

He is referred as the “king of crime writing” for novels such as “The Big Sleep”, “Farewell, My Lovely”, “The Long Goodbye”, “The Lady in the Lake”.

He created the famous fictional character Philip Marlowe.

His novels are still being read by people around the world and are still influencing global popular literature.