Of Irish and English origin.

Both a masculine and a feminine name.

As an Irish name, it derives from the name¬†Reilly, meaning “courageous”.

As an English name, it derives from a place name that, in Old English, means “rye clearing”.

Riley is a popular masculine name in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales.

It is also a feminine name which rises in the popularity lists in the United States, currently ranked #47.

Famous male bearers are Riley B .”B.B.” King, Riley Smith, Riley Salmon, Riley Griffiths, Riley Nash, Riley Cooper.

Famous female bearer is Riley Keough.

B.B. King was the a legendary blues guitarist, considered the most important electric guitarist of the last half of the 20th century.

He is credited with more than 70 entries on the R&B Billboard charts.

His playing technique has influenced almost all of the blues’ musicians after him.

He is known as “The King of Blues”.