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Irish name of Germanic and/or Greek origin.

A diminutive of the name Róis, the Irish form of Rose.

Origin may be Germanic, from Hrodheid, translated as Rohese by the Normans who introduced it in England.

It may also be of Greek origin from the Greek word “ῥόδον” (rodon), meaning the flower rose.

Other forms of the name are Roisin, Rose, Rosheen, Rosa, Rosabel, Rosabell, Rosabelle, Rozalia, Rosalia.
Róisín was ranked #25 in Ireland (2016).

Famous bearers are Róisín Marie Murphy, Róisín O, Roisin Conaty, Roisin McGettigan, Roisin McGettigan, Roisin Dillon.

Irish singer, songwriter Róisín Murphy became known as a member of the Moloko duo band.

In 2004 she embarked on a solo career and received critical praise for her musical style that successful and inspirationally mixing pop music with influence from several genres from jazz to disco.

The following short video is Róisín Murphy’s live performance of “Primitive”.