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Of Old Norse origin.

From the name Ragnvaldr.

It means “ruler’s adviser”.

A combination of the elements “ragn”, meaning “advice”, “decision”, and “vald”, meaning “ruler”, “might”, “power”.

The name was brought to England and Scotland by the Viking settlers.

Other forms of the name are Ronnie, Ronaldo, Ron, Renaud, Ragnvald, Reinaldo, Raghnall, Ronny, Naldo, Reino, etc.

Ronald was in the U.S.A. top-10 popularity lists during the 1940’s and was ranked #426 in 2016.

Famous bearers are Ronald Reagan, Ronald Koeman, Ronald de Boer, Ronald Ross, Ronald Isley, Ronald Pickup, Ronald Lacey, Ronald Colman, Ronald George Wreyford Norrish, Ronald McNair, Ronald Firbank.