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Royal Baby Names

royal babyIt’s a girl! It’s royal! It’s a baby! It’s a royal baby! The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a daughter. Read this article and find out if Royal Baby Names are the kind you should be looking into for your little prince or princess.

“Royal baby” is not a very good choice of name for a little girl. Also, the monarchy is not a very good choice for a nation in the 21st century. But that’s another story.

While the royal parents are happy with their new royal baby, there are bets on the royal baby’s name.

Royal fans have been placing bets for weeks on the name the second royal child will be given.

Alice had the highest odds of being the royal baby’s name until Charlotte surfaced as a new favorite. Victoria, Alexandra, and Diana are also on the royal list for the royal name.

Of course, the royal parents and the royal family know the royal name of the royal baby so, they may have already placed a royal bet and they will win a royal amount of millions of pounds.

The first royal baby’s name is George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, so, the royal baby girl could probably be named Alice Charlotte Diana Victoria Alexandra of Cambridge which is a wonderful and unique royal name.

The royal baby girl could also be named Diana Charlotte of Cambridge as a tribute to Princess Diana and Prince Charles who had a wonderful and very loving relationship and were a perfect royal couple.

You cannot name the royal baby girl with common names such as Mary, Linda or Susan because these are names for the housekeepers.

Can you imagine the royal butler sharing the same name with the royal baby?

Although royalty is more of a past thing, millions of people would search for a “royal baby name”. Our suggestion is that you skip the obvious. Even if you find a name to be “royal-ish”, continue your research to find more about it.

Look for the meaning, the origin, check out some historical figures or people you admire for being kind or strong or whatever it is you appreciate in a person and then maybe you’ll ditch a royal name.

Go ahead, read more articles on our site and surely you’ll find the most suitable name for your amazing baby who is anyway going to rule your life from now on.

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