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Of Greek origin.

Sandra is a short form of the name Alessandra.

Means “defending men”.

From the name Alexandra, which is the feminine form of the Greek name Alexander.

English author George Meredith introduced the name to the English speaking countries, when he used it for one of his heroines.

Other forms of the name are Alexandra, Alexina, Alex, Alessandra, Alexa, Alexandrine, Allie, Lexa, Sanda, Sandy, Sandie, Sandrina, Sascha, Zandra etc.

Masculine forms of the name are Alexandros, Aleksander, Alex, Alec, Alejandro, Alastair, Alister, Al, Lex, Sander, Xander, Santeri, Ale, Olek, Aca, Saša, Sasha, Iskandar, Xande, Xandinho.

Famous bearers are Sandra Bullock, Sandra Oh, Sandra Bernhard, Sandra Denton, Sandra Cisneros, Sandra Hess, Sandra Echeverria, Sandra Lee, Sandra Dee, Sandra Choi, Sandra Nelson, Sandra Magnus.

Sandra Bullock is an American actress and producer.

She became widely known for the role in the 1994 film “Speed”.

She is a critically acclaimed actress and one of the biggest grossing female Hollywood stars.

In her impressive career, she has won Academy and Golden Globe Awards, along with numerous other awards.

Sandra Bullock’s filmography consist of numerous successful movies, such as “While You Were Sleeping”, “The Net”, “Miss Congeniality”, “Two Weeks Notice”, “Crash”, “The Blind Side”, “Gravity”, etc.