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From the Greek “Σίμων” (Simon).

Sources refer to the name as being of Hebrew origin, from the name Shim’on, meaning “He has heard”.

It is also mentioned as a classical Greek name.

Simon was the name of several New Testament figures.

In the Bible, Simon was the son of Jacob and Leah and the original name of Saint Peter. He was given the name Peter by Jesus.

Due to Peter, the name was commonly used in the Christian world.

Feminine forms of the name are: Simone, Simona, Simonette, Cymone.

Variants are: Symeon, Shimon, Simo, Simão, Simone, Jimeno.

Famous bearers are Simon Bolivar, Simon Callow, Simon Cowell, Simon Helberg, Simon Le Bon, Simon Gallup.

Simon is a popular name in Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium and Sweden.

Simón Bolívar, is a prominent figure which played a key role in the history of Latin America’s independence from Spain. An intellectual and a revolutionary and he is honored throughout the Americas.