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Smart Baby Names

Smart baby names can be simple and familiar and yet hide some stunning properties. Research has revealed surprising evidence concerning the connection between first names and genius.

Are you an expecting parent searching for a name that will make your baby stand out?

You might want to choose a name that will put your baby on the right path from the very beginning.

Different names are popular among different countries and cultures.

Different societies have different goals and opportunities.

The genealogy site Moose Roots, gathered thousands of philosophers, scientists and artists names and identified the top first names given to geniuses.

The American inventor Thomas Edison said that “Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration“.

Science has not yet a definition of genius. It’s rather a bundle of personality traits than anything else.

Diligence, curiosity, creativity, intellectual ability, patience, sense of humor, open-mindedness, and willingness to take chances are some of the qualities shared by genius people.

Every parent in the world wants his baby to grow up happy and achieve success in their lifetime.

Taking care of your child’s body and mind, by nourishing their talents, promoting clear thinking and helping them to be physically active, will create the stimulating environment they need.

According to statistics’ research, choosing a smart baby name might give them an extra boost into growing up clever.

If you wish to link your child to some of the world’s most brilliant minds, then you should browse through this list of smart baby names.

Smart baby names for girls















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