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Of Hebrew origin.

From the Hebrew name “Shelomoh”.

Derives from the Hebrew word “shalom”, meaning “peace”.

It was also used as a surname.

According to the Bible, Solomon was a son of David. He was King of Israel, famous for his wisdom and wealth. He ordered the building of the first Temple in Jerusalem.

He is associated with the “golden age” of the Kingdom of Israel.

Alternative forms of the name are: Salomon, Sol, Salomão, Shlomo, Solly, Salman, Suleiman, Salomo, Zelman, Selman.

Famous bearers are Solomon Burke, Solomon Northup, Solomon Jones, Solomon Wilcots.

American singer, songwriter Solomon Burke was one of founding fathers of soul music during the 1960’s, although his contribution is unfairly overlooked in comparison with other great musicians of his era.

In the following video you may watch Solomon Burke’s live performance his song “Everybody Needs Somebody To Love”.