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Of Greek origin.

From the Greek name “Στέφανος”, (Stephanos), and the Greek word “στέφανος”, meaning wreath, crown.

The Greek noun was recorded in Homer’s epic poem Iliad.

In Ancient Greece, a wreath was given to contest winners. Winners of the ancient Olympic Games were given an olive wreath.

Saint Stephen is regarded as the first Christian martyr. He was a deacon, stoned to death, after accused of blasphemy and given a speech during his trial denouncing the Jewish authorities.

His martyrdom was witnessed by Saul of Tarsus, the Pharisee, who became a follower of Jesus and is known as Paul the Apostle.

Due to Saint Stephen, the name became common in the Christian countries.

Kings in several countries were named Stephen and ten popes too.

Other forms of the name are Steven, Steve, Stevie, Stef, Stepan, Steffen, Stefan, Stefano, Estevão, Esteban, Estevan, Teppo, Étienne, Stiofán, Stevo.

Famous bearers are Stephen Hawking, Stephen King, Stephen Colbert, Stephen Baldwin, Stephen Fry, Stephen Stills, Stephen Rea, Stephen Curry, Stephen Sondheim, Stephen Moyer, Stephen Marley, Stephen Amell, Stephen Dorff, Stephen Drew.

American author Stephen King is considered the most successful writer of our time.

In the following short video you may watch the 1st part of King’s biography: