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Fast-Rising Baby Names 2021

In this article we offer 20 names that are increasing in popularity.  All of these names are truly special.  No wonder they jumped up more than 500 places in the rankings. Our data source is the USA Social Security Administration.

Calm and Peaceful Baby Names

Amicable and restrained, calm and peaceful baby names are a safe category. Familiar or uncommon, the choice is yours. In any case, these are names that are communicative and will help your baby immediately create a connection with people they’ll be introduced to.

Meaningful Baby Names

Meaningful baby names reflect prime virtues. While it’s impossible for a parent to know what the future will bring, choosing a meaningful name manifests positive qualities, so is a great choice for your baby. 

Smart Baby Names

Smart baby names can be simple and familiar and yet hide some stunning properties. Research has revealed surprising evidence concerning the connection between first names and genius.