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From the Spanish and Portuguese name Teresa.

The name derives from the Greek word “θέρος”, “theros”, meaning “summer”.

It may also derive from the Greek verb “θερίζω”, “θερίζω”, meaning “harvest”.

Sources mention a possible origin being from the Greek island “Therasia”, a small island west of Santorini.

The first known bearer of the name was Therasia, wife of Saint Paulinus of Nola, who lived around 4th of 5th century A.D.

During the 15th century, in the form of Teresa, the name was very popular in the Iberian peninsula, in Spain and Portugal.

Due to the fame of Saint Teresa of Ávila, the name became known to more Christian countries.

Other forms of the name are: Teresa, Theresia, Therese, Terese, Teri, Terrie, Tracy, Tessan, Tessy, Tessa, Tess, Terezita, Teressa, Tereson, Zizi, Treasa.

Famous bearers are Theresa Russell, Theresa Randle, Theresa Rebeck, Theresa Villiers, Theresa Wayman, Theresa Fu, Maria Theresa.