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Greek name derived from the Aramaic “Te’oma”, meaning “twin”.

The name can be found in the New Testament. Thomas was the apostle who doubted Jesus’ resurrection.

The name was first commonly used in the Christian world. Tradition says that apostle Thomas martyred in India.

It was introduced in England by the Normans. Due to the popularity of Saint Thomas Becket it was often used after the 12th century.

Italian philosopher and theologian of the 13th century, Thomas Aquinas, regarded as a Doctor of the Church, is one of the most famous and respected bearers of the name and helped increase its popularity.

Loved by millions of readers around the world and one of the most famous fictional book characters ever, Tom Sawyer, was the main character in several novels written by Mark Twain. His first appearing was in “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” in 1876.

Variants and diminutives are: Tommy, Tom, Tommie, Thom, Tomas, Toma, Tommi.

Other famous bearers are Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison, Thomas Mann, Tom Jones, Tom Hanks, Tommy Lee Jones, Tom Petty, Tom Cruise, Tom Stoppard, Tom Clancy, Thomas Gibson, Thomas Muller, Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy Flanagan.

Thomas is a popular name in England, Australia, Ireland, United States, Netherlands, Belgium, France, New Zealand and Scotland.