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Of Germanic and African origin.

A German variant of the name Odo.

Udo is a newer form of Odo, which is associated with several names with the element “aud”, meaning “destiny”, “riches”, “property” and the element “odal”, meaning “inheritance” or “property” or “patrimony”.

Udo is a name used in Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Udo is also a name used in Western Africa, mainly in Nigeria.

It is used by the Igbo people of Nigeria.

As an African name Udo means “peace” and it is a masculine and a feminine name as well.

Feminine forms of the Germanic name Udo are: Oda, Ute, Odilie.

Alternative of the Germanic name Udo are: Odo, Odilo, Otto, Ottone, Rino, Odilon.

Famous male bearers are Udo Lindenberg, Udo Dirkschneider, Udo Jurgens.