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Unisex Baby Names

unisex baby namesUnisex baby names. Gender-neutral and androgynous. Choosing a unisex name for your baby is a recent trend and very much exonerated by many celebrity parents. Let alone, it is a much older story than you may think.

Many moms and dads are opting for gender-neutral baby names mainly because they want a non-traditional and unconventional choice.

Especially for parents who decided not to find out what their baby’s gender is, before the delivery date, a unisex baby name is a logical choice to make.

It will also intensify the mystery and fun of the beginning of this unique life experience called parenthood.

For those of you who are reluctant to choose an androgynous name that you like, only because you think people will be confused, simply think of Billie Holiday and Stevie Nicks.

Born in the 20th century, these fine performers were both admired, loved, appreciated, praised and, of course, no one ever mistook their identity. And even if they did, it obviously hasn’t stopped them from being successful and adored.

Pat Boone was a successful singer in the 50’s and Pat was the first name of President’s Nixon wife, who was also the first American First Lady to wear trousers in public.

So, get over it and choose your favorite baby name without make it a big deal if it is a unisex baby name.

Unisex baby names and their meaning:

Addison – “son of Adam

Alexis – “defender”

Bobbie – “bright fame”

Cameron – “crooked nose”

Charlie – “man”, “warrior”

Dylan – “tide”, “flow”

Emerson – “son of Emery”

Frankie – tribe called “Franks”

Harley – “hare”, “clearing”

Hayden – “hay valley”

Jess – “gift”

Justice – “justice”

Kyle – Scottish “narrows, channel, straight”

Nico – Greek “victory of the people”

Peyton – name of the place “Pǣga town”

Quinn – “descent of chief”

Rio – Spanish “river”

River – “river”

Sam – “name of God”

Taylor – “to cut”

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