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Of Germanic origin.

From the Old High Germanic name Waltheri, meaning powerful army ruler.

Composed of the elements “vald”, meaning powerful, ruler and “hari”, meaning army, warrior.

Other forms of the name are: Walt, Valter, Wally, Gaultier, Wolter.

Famous bearers are Walter Matthau, Walter Gropius, Walter Cronkite, Walter Payton, Walter Huston, Walter Koenig, Walter Abel, Walt Disney, Walt Whitman.

Journalist Walter Cronkite was one of the most successful and popular news anchorman in the history of the American TV.

He was considered one of the most reliable, honest and impartial broadcast journalists in the United States.

He was a correspondent of the United Press during the Nuremberg Trials, and he reported on location during World War II and the Vietnam War.