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Of Germanic origin.

Yves is a French form of the name “Ivo“.

It is a Medieval name.

Sources mention it derives from the element “iwa”, also “uvos” in Gaulish and it is associated with the Welsh root “ywen”, meaning “yew”.

Yves was the name of two French saints.

Feminine forms of the name are Yvette, Yvonne.

Alternative forms of the name are Yvon, Evo, Ives, Erwan, Yvo, Yannis.

Famous bearers are Yves Saint Laurent, Yves Montand, Yves Klein, Yves Beneyton, Yves Pelletier, Yves Allegret, Yves Duteil, Yves Simon.

Two highly acclaimed and talented Yves have influenced their art.

Yves Saint Laurent is still considered as one of the most successful and influential fashion designers in the world.

The following video is the first part of a documentary about his life:

Singer and actor Yves Montand has left his talented mark in films such as “Wages of Fear”, “Z”, “Let’s Make Love”, etc. and was one of the most famous performers at the Paris Olympia music hall.

The following video is a short tribute: