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Bartek is a Polish masculine name of Greek and Aramaic origin.

It is a Polish and Czech form of the Hebrew name Bartholomew, meaning “son of Talmai”.

It is a name associated with the notions of authority and power because of it’s linked with the ancient Greek name «Πτολεμαίος» (pron. Ptolemaios), which was the name of the Ptolemy dynasty.

Feminine form of the name is Bartolomea.

Other forms of the name are Βαρθολομαίος (Vartholomaios), Bartolomé, Bart, Bartosz, Bartol, Bartel, Bartholomei, Mees, Bartal, Barta, Bertalan, Toli, Bartos, Bardo, Varfolomei.

Famous bearers of the name are Bartek Niziol, Bartek Kasprzykowski, Bartek Ostalowski, Bartek Kaszuba, Bartek Aniolkowski.