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Of Latin origin.

Claire is the French form of the name Clara.

From the Latin name Clarus, meaning “bright”, “clear” or “famous”.

Other forms of the name are: Clara, Klara, Chiara, Claretta, Clarisse, Claris, Clarie.

Claire has lately climbed down in the popularity charts, although it was #49 in 2014.

Famous bearers are Claire Danes, Claire Bloom, Claire Holt, Claire Forlani, Claire Goose, Claire Stansfield, Claire Coffee, Claire Cooper, Claire King, Claire Keim, Claire Richards, Claire Foy, Claire Chazal, Claire Julien, Claire Denis.

American actress Claire Danes has been awarded several awards in her career, both for the movies and television.

Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Awards, London & Chicago Film Critics Awards and three Emmy Awards, lately for her role in the TV series “Homeland”.

A short biography of Claire Danes in the following video: