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Japanese Baby Names

In our list of Japanese baby names, you will find beautiful names with a cultural context. If you are a person of Japanese descent, you already know that Japan is a country with a rich culture. Japanese names are beautiful in meaning and in sound.


Many of these names bear the essence of ancient myths and stories that go back many millennia.

Devotion, loyalty, and honor are deeply rooted in Japan’s history and tradition.

If some of these characteristics are important to you, then go on and choose one of the names presented in our list.

Japanese people are polite and hard-working, formal and respectful.

Collectivism rather than individualism is important to the Japanese, and that is why they will usually put more emphasis on harmony with others than most people.

The Japanese language has more than one alphabet, but most names are written in kanji.

Several Japanese names have two-part meanings and these meanings are positive and affectionate.

These simple, helpful and culture loving people will provide you with some great name ideas for your lovely baby boy or girl.


Japanese baby names for boys

Akio – bright man

Akira – bright, clear

Iku – nourishing

Issey – first-born

Jiro – second son

Kado – gateway

Kenji – study, two

Naoki – honest, tree

Nori – seaweed

Ronin – Samurai with no master

Shigeru – flourishing

Takeo – strong as bamboo

Takeshi – warrior

Yori – trustworthy

Yuki – snow boy

Japanese baby names for girls

Airi – affection, jasmine

Aya – color

Emi – blessing, beautiful

Hiroko – generous, fair

Izumi – spring

Kaida – little dragon

Kaori – perfume

Mai – dance

Mariko – true, village, child

Mieko – prosperous

Naomi – honest, beautiful

Shiori – weave, poem

Sora – sky

Suki – favorite, dear

Tama – jewel

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